Become a New VIP Status Instantly

Neteller have updated their VIP program with a new Bronze Pro - VIP status

NETELLER have change and introduced a new VIP Status: the NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP Status. This new status is exactly between the bronze VIP and the silver VIP level and will be the new status for all new eW24/7 clients starting May, 6th of 2019.

If you already have a Silver VIP account, nothing changes for you. You will not lose it and still enjoy all the benefits.

However, all new accounts will start with the Bronze VIP Status now and we have summarized all details and information for you here.

Now, let us take a look at what this new Bronze Pro VIP Status has to offer.

How can you get Neteller Bronze Pro VIP?

With the help of eWallet24/7, you can get a Free Neteller VIP upgrade up to Bronze Pro level.

Additionally, with our help you can also get Silver VIP status with only $7,500 in transfers – usually the requirement is $50,000.

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – Fees & Benefits


  1. Transfer to merchant (per year)
  2. Daily ATM withdrawal limit
  3. Anniversary reward points
  4. Reward point/dollar spent
  5. Direct Neteller cashback
  6. FX Fees
  7. ATM withdrawal fee
  8. Money transfer fee
  9. Additional currency accounts
  10. Net+ Prepaid Mastercard fee
  11. Dedicated VIP Manager
  12. Guaranteed limit increase
  13. Next day payouts
  14. Upgrade

Bronze VIP

  1. $10,000 USD
  2. $1,000 USD
  3. 1,000
  4. 1.00
  5. 3.79%
  6. 1.75%
  7. 1.45% (No Cap)
  8. £8

Bronze PRO

  1. $0 with EWB
  2. $3,300 USD
  3. 9,000
  4. 1.00
  5. 3.79%
  6. 1.75%
  7. 1.45%($10 Cap)
  8. £8
  9. Yes
  10. Get Bronze Pro VIP

Silver VIP

  1. $7,500 with EWB
  2. $3,300 USD
  3. 9,000
  4. 1.00
  5. 3.19%
  6. 1.75%
  7. Free
  8. 1
  9. Free
  10. Yes

NETELLER Silver VIP – How can I still get Silver VIP Status?

With eWallet24/7 you will still have the great benefit of becoming a NETELLER Silver VIP easily. Instead of the regular 50,000 USD in deposits within a year, we can get you upgraded after reaching only 20,000 USD. With less than half of the regular deposit volume you can enjoy even more benefits with your NETELLER account:

  • FREE P2P Transfer (Money Transfer between NETELLER accounts)*.
  • FREE 2nd currency account.
  • FREE MasterCard (only customers from the EU).
  • Lower Currency Exchange fees – 3.19%.

Once you have reached 20,000 USD transfers with your account please let us know. Submit your account details and your request will be handled within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation mail from us as soon as we have an update and your account will be upgraded to silver VIP automatically!

* only exception: Bangladesh (1.45% and uncapped).

NETELLER Gold VIP – How can I get Gold VIP Status?

We are happy to also be able to help with an easier upgrade to Gold VIP level. Gold VIP level comes with some huge benefits and therefore it is important to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with the upgrade. As a Gold VIP you will have:

  • FREE P2P Transfer (for all clients worldwide).
  • FREE 3rd Currency account.
  • FREE ATM Withdrawal (only EU customer).
  • Lower Currency Conversion fees – 2.79%.

To be able to check if we can help with a NETELLER Gold VIP upgrade, please get in touch through our contact form or send an email to support@ewallet247.com – we will then check your account to see if you are eligible.

    1. 12 digit number(Exp.456******532) eW24/7 login username(Exp. Da***9)

    Bronze Pro VIP
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